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At The Table with Patrick Lencioni

Apr 29, 2020

Pat and the team analyze why they have been able to innovate during this time and how we can bring that creativity and urgency back with us into the new normal.

Apr 23, 2020

Including a special recorded interview segment with Alan Mulally, the former CEO of Ford and Boeing, Pat and team discuss the benefits and rewards of leaning in to uncomfortable conversations.

Apr 15, 2020

Pat and Cody have a candid and casual conversation about preparing to enter a "new normal." 

Apr 8, 2020

This new virtual work environment poses unique challenges for teams looking to become more cohesive and effective. Pat and crew discuss how teams can overcome the five dysfunctions in a virtual world and emerge from this crisis better.

Apr 2, 2020

Pat calls everyone to enlist in the war for jobs. He proposes some ideas for companies, leaders and workers to help save jobs and sacrifice for the greater good.