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At The Table with Patrick Lencioni

Dec 30, 2020

You know what your Geniuses are and their implications for your team.  However, the Working Genius model extends further than just the workplace.  This week, Pat and Cody talk about how to better understand your Geniuses in the context of your family and relationships.  

Dec 23, 2020

For most organizations, slowing down is difficult.  It feels wrong even though it's necessary.  This week, Pat and Cody talk about how important it is for companies to slow down and take a step back, especially during times when they're moving fast.  

Dec 16, 2020

There are things we do that only others notice, but we tend to shy away from helping each other understand them.  This week, Pat and the gang discuss how important it is to address each others' blind spots.  

Dec 9, 2020

After almost nine months of virtual work, it's finally time to answer the question: Can we be as productive working from home as we are at the office and in person?  Join Pat, Cody and Chris this week as they discuss whether or not 'the new normal' is sustainable.  

Dec 2, 2020

Why do small companies matter, and why should we care if they go out of business?  In addition to the fact that the majority of people work for small companies, they're also more innovative, scrappy, and meritocratic than bigger ones.  Join Pat, Cody and Tracy this week as they talk about why small companies are...